How & Why to Add HydroBoost to your Tank


What is HydroBoost?

Thoroughly tested by our Plant Health & Nutrition Team and designed just for Gardyn, HydroBoost is a unique, water-treatment solution that you can add from day 1 to keep your Gardyn clean and healthy.

Why should I use HydroBoost in my Gardyn?

Regularly adding HydroBoost to your Gardyn is the easiest way you can prevent and reduce unwanted algae, biofilm, nutrient, and salt deposits within your device so you can enjoy a cleaner Gardyn, healthier plants, and less frequent whole-device cleanings!

Replace Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) & Light Cleaning

With HydroBoost, you can replace weekly hydrogen peroxide additions to your tank, as well as your quarterly Light Cleaning, if used on a weekly basis in combination with monthly tank refreshes and regular root trimming.

Without HydroBoost, your Gardyn is more prone to algae, biofilm, and nutrient and salt deposits in your tank, columns, and irrigation hoses. This leaves you cleaning more heavily and more often while your plants are left susceptible to diseases within a less-clean environment.


How does HydroBoost work?

HydroBoost is a plant-based water treatment that elevates your water quality by lowering pH and balancing plant nutrients while keeping your Gardyn running clean.

For a water quality deep-dive on pH and EC, click here to keep reading!

When and how should I add HydroBoost to my Gardyn?

Once you have plant food in your tank and are no longer in Germination Mode, add HydroBoost once a week straight into your water tank. We suggest combining it with your weekly tank top-off or tank refresh, whichever you’re scheduled to do for the week! One bottle of HydroBoost lasts approximately 6 months.

HydroBoost is most effective when starting with a clean Gardyn.

How much HydroBoost do I add?

Follow our recommended rates according to your water type (or get help identifying your water type first).

Water Type

HydroBoost Dose per Full Tank

Standard water

2 teaspoons / 10 mL

Hard water*

4 teaspoons / 20 mL

Filtered/reverse osmosis (RO), distilled, or naturally soft water

1 teaspoon / 5 mL

*If you believe you have hard water but are not sure, it's best to start with the dosage for standard water for at least a month. If you don't see any improvement in root health or device cleanliness after that, then you can increase your dosage, 1 teaspoon at a time, up to the hard water dosage. Please note when judging device cleanliness that HydroBoost will not remove unwanted growth already present inside your Gardyn.


  • We do not suggest using softened water (treated with a softener) in your Gardyn. If you do use it, follow the recommended dose for filtered water.

  • Add HydroBoost up to every 3 days in Gardyns with large, mature plants that require more frequent top-offs.

Is HydroBoost safe?

HydroBoost is safe to use as directed and is the best way you can keep your Gardyn system clean and healthy. Keep HydroBoost out of reach of children. It is not intended for direct consumption. Do not use HydroBoost on stainless steel surfaces. Flush with water if HydroBoost comes in contact with skin.

With regular HydroBoost use, your Gardyn will shine from the inside out! HydroBoost will help keep unwanted biofilm and nutrient build-up at bay so you can enjoy a cleaner device, healthier plants, and less frequent whole-device cleanings!

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