How to Refresh Your Tank


Kelby will remind you with a task in the app when it's time to refresh your tank. This simple monthly task has a big impact on keeping your plants healthy and helping them flourish.

Steps to Refresh your Tank

1. Prep your Gardyn

Switch off & unplug your device. Place a towel on the floor, lift the pump into the upper position, & unlock the lid locks.

2. Lift by the columns (not the lights!)

Stand your Gardyn’s upper half on the towel.

3. Clean your tank

Use water, a soft sponge, & a sprinkle of baking soda. No soap needed!

To ensure your safety, do not attempt to lift the water tank when full. Use a siphon, jug, or another small container to remove excess water first, lifting only once the tank weight is at a level that you deem personally safe for lifting.

4. Refill your tank

Place 1/2 teaspoon of plant food in a 1-gallon container, fill with warm (not hot!) tap water, & shake to mix.

  • Tip: Up-cycle common 1-gallon containers, such as water jugs or milk cartons. Just ensure it’s clean before using it!

5. Repeat for a total of 5 gallons

A full tank has 5 gallons and 2.5 tsp of dissolved plant food.


A full tank with 5 gallons of water

6. Reassemble your Gardyn

Lift by the columns to replace the top half onto your water tank. Lower the pump & lock the lid into place.

7. Plug in & turn on your Gardyn

Your Gardyn may take ~5 minutes to reboot. Don’t touch the silver button! The lights will turn on as scheduled. You should now complete your task in the app, which will automatically prompt you to log the date.

Remember to refresh your tank:

  • at least every 4 weeks

  • up to every 14 days if you’re growing larger, mature plants and fruiting crops that require lots of nutrients

  • if you notice burning or yellowing on lower leaves, around new leaf edges, or yellowing between leaf veins

Why is it important to change the water?

When you add a fresh tank of water and plant food using our recommended ratios, you're letting your plants reset with a balanced pH, allowing them to absorb all of the minerals and nutrients they need. 

Over time, as the pump recirculates the water and you top off the tank, the ratios of those nutrients can fall out of balance, making it harder for the plants to get the food they need to stay healthy.

By following our plant food guidelines, regularly adding HydroBoost, refreshing your tank monthly, and topping it off weekly, you can grow with confidence knowing your Gardyn's water is as clean and balanced as a Master Gardyner's.

Questions? Reach us at, or chat with us. We're here to help!