Gardyn Sprout Nursery Use & Care Tips


Growing with the Nursery

The Gardyn Sprout Nursery makes it easy to grow all of our Microgreen varieties, as well as new yCubes, when you already have mature plants growing on your Gardyn.

The Nursery can also help you revive yCubes that came into contact with plant food prematurely. Remember, since plant food can hinder germination, it’s key not to mix mature plants and new yCubes on your Gardyn at the same time.

Find all of our Nursery germination videos and more in the app's Sprout School!

Where should I place the Nursery?

Some seeds need a little extra warmth and humidity to sprout, so it’s best to place your Nursery on your Gardyn's lid to let your yCubes benefit from the lights' ambient heat. This is where the Nursery design shines: it fits conveniently on your Gardyn's lid without blocking any of your Gardyn's plants.

Microgreens in your Nursery will also thrive on your Gardyn's lid, but if you don't have a Gardyn, place the Nursery by a warm window with direct sunlight.


How do I clean the Nursery?

It’s best to wash your Nursery by hand at least once per month with continual use, or between uses each time you empty it. You may need a soft sponge or bottlebrush to reach inside each tray square.

Please note, the Gardyn Nursery is NOT dishwasher safe.

In addition to and after hand washing, you may also soak each piece of the Nursery in a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water to easily remove any biofilm or stains while simultaneously sterilizing the unit.

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