Germinating yCubes in the Nursery with the Soak Method


Follow these quick, easy steps to set up your yCubes for germination success so you can enjoy their mature harvests that much sooner.

For more germination videos and resources, including how to germinate Microgreens, or both Microgreens and yCubes together, check out Sprout School in the app!


  1. Insert tray to base and add water up to the indent connecting tray squares.

  2. Add yCubes and let soak for 5 minutes.

  3. Remove tray with yCubes and drain water from the base.

  4. Return the tray with yCubes to the base and add the Nursery’s lid.

  5. Place the Nursery on your Gardyn’s lid.

Tip: Hand wash your Nursery monthly, or between uses, whichever comes first.

Check Hydration Levels Daily

If your yCubes’ rockwool is fully or partially dark green (saturated), you do not need to add more water.

If your yCubes appear mostly light green (dry), add water up to the line within each tray square, then replace the lid and return your Nursery to your Gardyn.

Monitor for Plant Food Readiness

Wait for true leaves, roots .5-inch long out the bottom of the yCube, or yellowing cotyledons to know your plant is ready for plant food on your Gardyn.

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