What kind of water should I use in my Gardyn?


You may have heard of the importance of using clean, high-quality water in hydroponic systems, and Gardyn's hybriponic system is no different. But if you're worried about needing a special water source, you can relax: the best water source to use in your Gardyn is actually tap water!

The only type of water we don't recommend is softened water treated with a water softener. Please note, this is different from naturally soft water.

While the chemistry of tap water varies depending on where you live, Gardyn's plant food and our plant-based water treatment solution, HydroBoost, put on a lab coat so you don't have to.


Both formulas are specially designed to create a well-balanced environment inside your water tank for a range of tap waters and plant varieties that allows all of your Gardyn plants to get the nutrients they need. 

Learn more about types of tap water and how they affect your Gardyn here,

or click here for a water quality deep-dive on pH and EC!

By following our plant food guidelinesrefreshing your tank monthly, topping off your tank weekly, and regularly adding HydroBoost, you can grow with confidence knowing your Gardyn's water is as clean and balanced as a Master Gardyner's.


Questions? Reach us at support@mygardyn.com, or chat with us. We're here to help!