Troubleshooting A Power or WiFi Outage


Will my Gardyn work without power?

Your Gardyn requires power to function. If you're experiencing a prolonged power outage but still have access to clean running water, we recommend watering your plants by hand so they don't die. Your plants will be fine without the lights on for a few days and will bounce back once your device is powered back on.

If you have power but are experiencing issues with your Gardyn not turning on, get help here!

Will my Gardyn work without WiFi?

Yes, but you will have limited functionality and benefits. If you choose not to connect your Gardyn to WiFi, it will still function, but only using its default light and water settings. Without WiFi, you will not be able to adjust the light and water schedules, control your Gardyn through the Gardyn app, or take full advantage of Kelby.

If your WiFi goes out or you choose to turn your WiFi off, your Gardyn will run on the last schedules saved before it lost its WiFi connection.

What happens when the power or WiFi comes back on? Do I need to do anything?

When your Gardyn is offline due to either a power or WiFi outage, it will store the last paired WiFi network and attempt to reconnect once the power/WiFi is restored. If it reconnects successfully once the power and/or WiFi are back on, you're all set! You should be able to once again view and control your Gardyn from the app.

If your Gardyn does not reconnect to the previously paired WiFi network within an hour of the power or Wifi coming back on, try rebooting your Gardyn by turning it off for 5 minutes, then back on, and waiting another 5 minutes before checking if it reestablished connection in your app.

If your Gardyn remains disconnected from your WiFi after this, you'll need to connect your Gardyn to your WiFi network again

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