Watering Your Gardyn by Hand


There may be times when you will need to water your Gardyn by hand to sustain your plants until the next automatic watering cycle. For instance, if you experience a prolonged power outage, watering your plants by hand can help them bridge the gap until you regain power.

First, harvest as much as you can

Smaller plants drink less water, lessening your load while you wait for your new pump.

Dim your lights to 70%

This actually helps decrease your plants’ water intake. To do so, tap the light intensity tile on your app’s home screen, select “Edit” next to where it says “Schedule Mode”, then edit every light shift to 70% intensity. Don’t worry, this won’t harm your plants while you wait!

Start out by planning to water by hand once a day

Check your plants’ yPods a few hours after watering. If you see any empty or nearly empty yPods, or if you see any plant start to wilt, water by hand twice a day. If you catch any plant starting to wilt after that, adjust your schedule accordingly.

Ensure your tank has room to add water

The easiest way to do this is to empty your tank. You can also check your app’s home screen for your tank’s volume. If your tank is full because you just refreshed the tank, remove and keep about 1 gallon of water to reuse in the next steps.

Follow the video (steps also outlined below) to learn how to manually water your Gardyn:

  1. Check your app’s home screen to ensure your water tank has room to collect the extra water you'll add by hand.

  2. If your tank is full because you just refreshed the tank, remove and keep about 1 gallon of water to reuse in the next steps.

  3. If your tank already has room for water, mix 1 gallon of water with 1/2 teaspoon dissolved plant food.

  4. Remove the top plant in its yPod from each column and set it aside.

  5. Slowly pour about 1 cup of your dissolved plant food solution through the column opening where you removed the top plant. Wait a few seconds for the water to trickle down the column.

  6. Pour another 1 cup at a time until the water reaches the last plant in the column and trickles back into the tank, which you should hear.

  7. Repeat this process for the remaining two columns to complete 1 round of watering. If you can, aim to water your plants manually at least twice a day until your issue is resolved.

  8. If you're watering your Gardyn by hand for more than 1 day, be sure to check your tank's water level in the app before each round of watering and remove water as needed.

That's it! While you hopefully won't need to water your plants by hand often, knowing how to should help you, and your plants, rest easier if anything prevents your scheduled watering from occurring.

Questions? Reach us at support@mygardyn.com, or chat with us. We're here to help!