How to Redeem & Activate a Prepaid Membership in the App


If you purchased your membership but didn't redeem or activate it while creating your Gardyn account in the app the first time you opened it, no worries! Follow these easy steps so you can start enjoying guidance from Kelby, plus all of our other member benefits, as soon as your device is connected to WiFi.

Redeeming a Prepaid Membership in the App

Redeeming Before Your Gardyn is Set Up and/or Connected to WiFi

You may choose to redeem your prepaid membership before your Gardyn is connected to WiFi, but it won't activate until your Gardyn connects to WiFi for the first time. This means you don't have to worry about losing any time you've paid for!

Redeeming After Your Gardyn is Set Up & Connected to WiFi

You may also choose to redeem your membership after you've connected your Gardyn to WiFi, in which case your membership will automatically activate on the same day.

Redemption/Activation Steps

Whether you choose to redeem your membership before or after connecting your Gardyn to WiFi, the steps in the app are the same.

To get started, you'll need your Gardyn Order Number that was sent in your order confirmation email following your purchase. You must wait 24 hours from the time you receive this email to redeem your membership in the app to allow our system to register your purchase.

If your membership was gifted to you by someone else, the purchaser received this email and needs to share the order number with you for you to continue.

1. Tap the person icon in the top-left corner of the home screen to go to your profile, then tap the green Manage Plan button.

2. Tap Sign up, then Redeem a prepaid code instead.

3. Enter the order number from your confirmation email, then tap the green Submit button, and you're done! You're now registered as a Gardyn member. Get to know your perks here!

Questions? Reach us at  or by chat!