Meet Kelby, Your AI Gardyning Assistant


Who, or what, is Kelby?

Every Gardyn membership comes with Kelby, your personal, AI Gardyning assistant. Kelby leverages your Gardyn's advanced sensors and cameras to keep tabs on your plants 24/7, coaching you on their care from Day 1 so you can grow with confidence and enjoy the full Gardyn experience.

What can Kelby help with?

Kelby will send you messages and alerts that typically fall into a few main categories:

  • Just-in-time plant coaching, such as when to add plant food, how to pollinate flowers, and when and how to harvest each of your plants.

  • Device care, including evaluating proper assembly, sending water level alerts, reminders on when to do a simple clean of your water tank, and notifications if anything looks unusual.

  • Inspiration! Whether it's a new recipe idea or fun plant fact, Kelby has a message for every type of Gardyner.

What is Kelby Assist? 

Kelby Assist is an app feature that brings you the smartest side of Kelby yet. When you enable Kelby Assist, Kelby will automatically shift your Gardyn's schedules based on your plants' development, optimizing their growth without you lifting a finger. Learn more about Kelby Assist and how to turn it on in your app here!

How do I get Kelby's messages?

Kelby sends you messages through your Gardyn app. App messages arrive just like text messages from a friend, filled with helpful tips, alerts, and personalized guidance. If Kelby needs to tell you something more pressing, you will also get an email with the same message information.

When you have an unread Kelby message, you'll see a little red circle with a number on the Kelby icon on the bottom right of your home screen (the number corresponds to how many unread messages you have). To view your most recent Kelby messages, tap the icon to be taken to your Kelby Message Center.

In the Kelby Message Center, you can scroll through all of your messages over the last 60 days, and apply search filters. Unread critical messages appear with a red background, while unread non-critical messages appear with a green background. Learn more about the Kelby Message Center here.

Kelby often links resources with each notification so you can get more details on the message's topic or instructions. If you see a "Learn more" or something similar under a message, tap it to be redirected to the relevant resource.

How can I help Kelby?

Keep your cameras on, clean, & unobstructed

Kelby relies on your Gardyn's sensors and cameras to monitor your plants, so make sure you keep both cameras clean and clear of any plants that grow too close. For a glimpse of how Kelby sees your Gardyn, check out your Live View in the app! If you notice your cameras are dirty, you can clean them by wiping them with a microfiber cloth. If you see any plants growing too close to the lights or cameras, simply give them a trim or relocate them on your Gardyn.

If you prefer to turn your cameras off, tap the three-line menu in the top-left corner of your app, select Settings, then toggle your cameras to Off. When your cameras are off, however, please note that Kelby's guidance will be limited to your Gardyn's sensor readings and settings only (water, humidity, light schedule, etc.). Kelby cannot send you personalized plant guidance when your cameras are off.

Follow Kelby's Guidance!

Help Kelby help you. If you receive a message, especially any urgent alerts that require immediate action, we recommend tending to your Gardyn as soon as you can! Whether Kelby is warning you about low water levels that could damage your device or plants, an assembly issue that needs a quick fix, or anything plant health-related, it's best to act sooner rather than later so the issue doesn't persist or worsen. 

Questions? Reach us at, or chat with us! We're here to help.