yCube Refill Tips


You just received a new box of yCubes or you're ready to start growing some you've saved - how exciting!

If you're starting fresh with all new yCubes and no plant food in your tank, click here for a different set of germination instructions, and don't forget to reset your Start of Water (SOW) Date in the app!

If you already have mature plants on your Gardyn and/or plant food in your tank, it's critical to follow the refill tips below since plant food hampers germination.

1. Discover Your New yCubes

If you open the box and don't see your complete order at first, lift up the layer of cardboard to find more yCubes underneath! We pack them tightly to reduce movement during shipping and help use less packaging.

2. Make sure your Nursery (or tray) is clean 

Whether it's fresh out of the box or your old favorite, be sure to hand wash your Nursery with soap and clean water to give your yCubes the freshest start in life. We recommend washing it once a month or between uses, whichever comes first.  If you already have yCubes germinating in your Nursery and you recently washed it, you can skip this step.

While the Nursery is the best option to boost germination speed and success, you may also use a tray with a ventilated lid to get started.

3. Decide what you'd like to germinate & follow the unique instructions

The Nursery's tray can fit up to 10 yCubes, Microgreens, or a mix of both. If you're germinating any yCubes, ensure you remove the small cardboard cover on individual yCubes, and don't add any yCovers.

Find all of our germination videos and more in the app's Sprout School!

Questions? Reach us at support@mygardyn.com, or chat with us! We're here to help.