Optimal Temperature & Humidity Ranges


Temperature and humidity are two key characteristics within the environment that will determine your sprouts' and plants' growth levels and overall health.

Temperature and humidity work in tandem, so the higher your temperature is, the higher your humidity needs to be.

You can check your room's environment in your Gardyn app any time. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the home screen to reach your Settings, then the Advanced tab, and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

During germination:

The ideal temperature and humidity for germination are:

  • Temperature: 65-75°F 

  • Humidity: 65-75%

Higher or lower ranges can cause delays in germination.

Once your plants are well established:

As the plant continues to grow, the range in temperatures and humidities have a larger range but should be ideally maintained at:

  • Temperature: 68-82°F 

  • Humidity: 50-70%

Solutions for Non-Optimal Temperature & Humidity

If you live in an area with persistently low humidity, such as the desert, we recommend adding a small humidifier near your Gardyn to increase the room's humidity levels. Just be careful to keep your new humidity level within our recommended range to ensure your plants' health and prevent damage to your device.

Your home's natural temperature should keep your Gardyn growing healthily, but if the room where you keep your Gardyn is very hot or stuffy, we recommend adding a small fan on low near your Gardyn to increase airflow.

Different varieties, different needs:

Be aware of the specific needs of the species you are growing. For example, leafy greens do best in cooler temperatures, while fruiting crops do better in more temperate environments. You can check the Plant Book in the App for variety-specific information.

Master Gardyner Tip: When your lights go off on the Gardyn, it is important to maintain minimal temperature differences between day and night- ideally no more than 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Understand more about the impact of temperature and humidity on your plants' growth:

Temperature and humidity work together to control water uptake, nutrient assimilation and distribution, and photosynthetic potential.

They can drastically affect a plant’s life cycle, and too below or above the suggested ranges can cause germination and growth issues and expedite a plant's life cycle by triggering bolting (going to seed).

In terms of temperature, the biochemical process for growth depends on it being kept within an ideal range for photosynthesis to occur at optimal rates. If temperatures are above or below this range, the processes will slow down, ultimately slowing down the overall development of the plant.

When conditions are too humid, the plant can’t make water evaporate or draw nutrients eventually promoting the growth of mold, bacteria, and conditions like root rot or crown rot that invite the presence of pests, such as fungus gnats.

While plants can survive in a range of temperatures and humidity levels depending on the specific needs of the species, and the life stage it is in, it is important to have a balance with steady uptake and photosynthesis, in levels that complement each other. 

To optimize growth, please refer to the following article How Does the Environment Impact the Growth of the Plants?

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