Does Gardyn replace plants that don't grow?


Grow worry-free knowing we will replace any yCubes that do not germinate after 28 days, along with any unsprouted Microgreen seed pads or bare root strawberries without new growth.

yCube Replacement Policy

Simply reach out to us at or via chat on the website to receive your replacement plants.

Strawberry Replacement Policy

This policy applies to the bare root Strawberries only. Mini Strawberries fall under the yCube Replacement Policy, above.

To qualify for our Strawberry replacement policy, you must:

  • Prepare Strawberries according to our Strawberry Arrival Guide, and place them on your Gardyn within 48 hours after their arrival. You Gardyn must have plant food in it and cannot be in Germination Mode.

  • See no leaves develop after 14 days since you placed the Strawberries on your Gardyn while maintaining regular waterings and at least 14 hours of light daily.

To initiate a Strawberry replacement, please get in touch with us at, or chat with us in the app or on the website.

If you're willing to provide photos (no obligation!) so our Plant Health & Nutrition Team can learn from your experience and help make it better in the future, we'd love to see your Strawberries without new leaves, including photos of where the base of the plant meets the rockwool, and of the roots beneath the rockwool. 

Microgreens Seed Pad Replacement Policy

To qualify for our Microgreens seed pad replacement policy, you must:

  • Use the Nursery and all Microgreen Kit components according to our recommendations to germinate the seed pad

  • Provide photos to our Customer Support Team documenting your unsprouted seed pad(s)

  • Have no sprouts or almost no sprouts at the end of Day 10 of germination

To initiate a seed pad replacement, please get in touch with us and send your photos to, or chat with us in the app or on the website.

Questions? Reach us at, or chat with us! We're here to help.