What is the plant food made of? Is it organic?


Gardyn plant food is mineral-based to give plants access to the nutrients they need in a way that helps keep your device clean. These ingredients are also found in natural soil.

Plant Food Ingredients

Nitrogen (includes 1 % Ammoniacal Nitrogen and 7% Nitrate Nitrogen): 8%
Available Phosphate: 5%
Soluble Potash: 13%
Calcium: 7%
Magnesium: 2.5%
Water Soluble Magnesium: 2.5%
Sulfur: 4.5%
Iron: 0.2%
Manganese: .03%

Molybdenum as 0.001%

Can I use organic plant food?

We do not recommend using organic plant food in your Gardyn (or any hydroponic system!). Organic plant food contains the same minerals as mineral plant food, but it is sourced and refined from the soil food web process. As such, organic plant food also contains other, natural byproducts of the soil food web system, such as carbohydrates, which cause unwanted build-up in a hydroponic system.

Mineral plant food provides the same nutrients as organic plant food, but without generating excess waste that will clog your pump. Since there is no soil present in a hydroponic setup, mineral plant food is always preferred because it is cleaner and will prevent biofilm from developing in your tank and columns. Your plants will still be organic, so no worries!

Is mineral plant food dangerous or synthetic?

Not at all. Mineral fertilizers skip the long, complex soil food web process that creates minerals in soil by providing the exact same minerals through chemistry. For example, ammonium nitrogen, the mineral ion produced from earthworm compost, can be made using the Haber Process, in which Nitrogen is pulled from the air and combined with Hydrogen, similar to nitrogen-fixing plants. Organic plant food is no better or worse for your plants than mineral plant food, and vice versa, but organic plant food ends up being worse for a hydroponic system than mineral plant food. 

Are my plants still organic if I use mineral plant food?

Absolutely. Plants grown with mineral plant food receive the same nutrition as those fed from organic plant food, and Gardyn-grown produce is still pesticide- and herbicide-free.

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