What are Gardyn products made of?


We strive to build the Gardyn, all of our accessories, and their packaging with sustainable materials whenever possible. We are continually testing our materials to make improvements. 

Gardyn Columns, yPods, Gardyn Caps, Pod Caps, Water Tank, Trellis, Nursery, & Vase

These are all made of food-grade, FDA-compliant, ABS plastic, commonly used in medical-grade equipment and children’s toys. They are NOT made of PVC. The Gardyn Vase also has a silicone base for secure, scuff-free placement and use.

Gardyn Lid Top

The Gardyn 3.0 and 4.0 lid tops are made from Hevia wood, also known as rubberwood, a type of hardwood tree in the maple family. The Gardyn 1.0 & 2.0 lid tops are made from bamboo wood.

yCubes: Casing, Rockwool, & Seeds

Garydyn yCubes are made up of three parts: the casing, rockwool, and seeds.


We are transitioning all of our yCubes' casing from a corn-based plastic to a more sustainable, tapioca-based casing. Both casings are compostable in industrial composters. You'll notice a slight visual difference between the two casings, but it will not affect your yCubes' growth.


The interior of yCubes is made up of rockwool, a natural, rock-based growing medium. Rockwool holds water well and does not dry out when stored for prolonged periods of time, while also retaining its structure when wet, even after many months on your Gardyn!

Rockwool is composed of natural mineral elements melted into fibers and woven together. They are not compostable, but remember, neither are rocks!

Rockwool does not contribute harmful chemicals to the environment, and you can add rockwool from retired yCubes directly to the ground without worrying about negative environmental consequences. Reused rockwool can be especially helpful to increase water retention in gardens or flower pots that otherwise quickly go dry.

Inhaling rockwool fibers is only dangerous when you are handling and manipulating rockwool in large quantities. This danger does not apply when handling yCubes. We recommend preventing your pets from drinking water out of germination trays containing yCubes so they do not accidentally ingest any fibers. The Gardyn Sprout Nursery has a built-in cover and tray to block access to its water.


We include 2-6 seeds in each yCube to maximize your chances of germination. The number of seeds varies depending on seed size. Gardyn's seeds are non-GMO and organically sourced whenever possible, but don't worry, the resulting plants you grow will still be pesticide and herbicide-free! We also offer seedless yCubes for you to grow your own varieties!


The Gardyn Home Kit 4.0 features our sleekest packaging yet, using all-recycled materials and just 1 box to reduce the amount of materials used. All cardboard used in every Gardyn shipment also comes from 100% recycled content and 95% post-consumer waste.

Gardyn Dolly

The dolly is made with a bamboo board, iron caster plates, and polyurethane wheels.

Microgreen Support Plates, Plant Belt, & yCovers

These are made of silicone for flexibility, easy washing, and durability with reuse.

Microgreen Seed Pads & Bamboo Wicks

The seed pad consists of a sustainable bamboo fiber mat filled with high-quality, non-GMO, organic seeds. The seed pad is attached using a food-grade biopolymer adhesive to the recycled-paper cover paper. All seed pads come with bamboo wicks, which are made from bamboo fibers.


Only older Gardyn generations came with a ySleeve, which is made of silicone for an easy, non-slip grip.


Questions? Reach us at support@mygardyn.com, or chat with us! We're here to help.