How to Pollinate Your Fruiting Plants


Growing the Mini Pumpkin or Mini Squash? Find unique pollination instructions here!

Did you know that your fruiting plants need your help to pollinate them so fruit can form?

When growing these plants indoors, we have to be the bee or the wind that pollinates them. When you see flowers, you can either:

  1. Tap or shake the whole plant

  2. Swirl the inside of the flower with your finger

  3. Use a small brush to "paint" (swirl) the inside of the flower

Be thorough, ensuring you touch the flower's entire surface. Repeat daily until fruit begins to appear from the flower. If you're pollinating different varieties of fruiting plants at the same time, it's best to swap fingers or brushes between varieties to avoid cross-pollination, which can result in some pretty funky fruits!

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